About Us

         Raquel Sable Jackson was born and raised in Philadelphia,PA. She is the proud owner of SewSable.Raquel is a full time Mother of a newborn, who began her Mompreneur journey after giving birth to Trè Jackson.After giving birth to her son Trè, Raquel experienced a rough recovery in which Post Partum Depression was developed. This experience caused her to go into a very dark place. Not being able to care for her child the way she wanted and losing the ability to do simple things caused many emotions. After 9 weeks of Post Partum, Raquel began to feel somewhat like herself and decided to get her mind in a more positive space; by igniting a passion in sewing, which she has always desired.At a young age Raquel has always had an interest and eye for fashion. The blessing she received through her Post Partum experience was birthing her son and passion at the same time.


Sew Sable was born out of her desire to create one of a kind items that will be exclusive pieces that many will not have. Sew Sables moto is "Dare to be Different". The modern day woman that is willing to be different and have everyone asking where they could purchase her items. The key concept to this brand is that every piece will be cut and made unique in its own way so you can always feel exclusive and different.Sew Sable's mission encourages all women to be beautiful, bold, & fearless no matter your race, ethnicity, or nationality.